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‘Kidung Interaktif’ keeps Bali tongue alive

by Luh De Suriyani Bali Daily,  2012-11-16

Kidung Interaktif program on TVRI Bali

Kidung Interaktif programs broadcast on television and radio stations across the island are persuading more Balinese women to preserve their ancient Balinese language. Makidung, which literally means to sing, is a literary activity in which individuals take turns in singing parts of traditional short or long poems written in Balinese or Old Javanese. Usually, the participants also take turns in translating the works into contemporary Balinese or Indonesian.

In the last two decades, makidung has increasingly been featured on popular Balinese radio and television shows, with the name Ki-dung Interaktif.

Researcher I Nyoman Darma Putra explained that historically, Balinese men dominated activities for the appreciation of Balinese or Jawa Kuna literature, which is referred to by various terms including mabebabasan, makakawin, makidung, magegitaan, or masanti. (more…)


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Tourism’s success a collaborative effort

by Luh De Suriyani on 2012-11-27

Mirah Astuti Kompiang (right)

Udayana University researcher I Nyoman Darma Putra stated that the success of Bali’s tourism development had been the result of collaborative efforts between westerners, local government, entrepreneurs and artists.

“It is the fruit of the works of many,” he said in a recent seminar on tourism.

Darma Putra paid special attention to the role influential female figures had played in the rise of the island as the world’s top tourist destination.

“Many women, both expat and local, have played a significant role in Bali’s tourism development. Their contributions, however, are still largely overlooked,” he said.

He identified at least five powerful women, who lived in different time periods, to support his narrative. (more…)

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